Thursday, August 12, 2010

Doing the job he was hired for!

Lee started working in July, but today Costco opened it's doors to the members, and he was actually talking to customers & doing his actual job for the first time.  Up until today, it was all moving, building, packing, unpacking, organizing & LOTS of lifting!  We went shopping for shorts to wear at work, and he's down a pants size to a 34 now!

He is really in his element, and it was great seeing him helping the customers today :)  Trevor, Diana & I actually had to wait to say hi when we arrived, and then I wanted to show him what we were getting before I checked out, in case I was missing something, and we waited again - people seemed very interested and had a lot of questions for him, so I guess that's all good :)

The store looks great, there were lots of samples to try, and I didn't go crazy shopping - mostly just the things we'd waited to get because we knew the store was opening soon - peanut butter, toilet paper, Stacy's chips, etc.  Obviously there's a lot more, but I kept a tight watch on the total today :)  I did get some snow gloves for when Connor & I go skiing because I needed a pair, they were inexpensive, and by the time we actually go skiing, they'll be long gone.

Good job, Lee!!  Day One of many, many more working for this great company!!

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keeka said...

That is AWESOME! I love the photos! He looks great in his official Costco get up!

I am so happy for you all!