Sunday, May 02, 2010

Today's work

I wanted to do some stuff to spruce up my front walkway. I have to be aware of what is or isn't 'deer resistant' since otherwise I'm just setting out a buffet :P

These are called Gazania, and they should grow 8 - 10 inches high. I'm not sure if they spread out or not, so I left some room.

This is the whole petunia pony-pack all in one hanging basket. These are the type that are supposed to hang out & over the basket.

Here's my little fence thing so no one goes off the end of the concrete by accident. I put a little birch tree in the large pot on the right. I have managed to keep that Christmas flower plant alive for four years now :) Ta da! Tidied front walk!

1 comment:

keeka said...

Well, you must take after mom and her green thumb. Don't know where my black thumb came from...maybe our Omi, don't think she was into gardening.
It looks wonderful.
I will say I have kept a philadendron alive for about 12 years or so. I nicknamed it "cat" because it has died at least 6 or so times and it has come back to live over and over again! Hehe