Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I'm trying it. I have been twice so far for pain in my shoulder. It is most likely a combination of stress & straining. I have had a couple of knots at the base of my neck for at least two years. I've tried various massage therapists, with one gal even using her elbow as hard as she could to try to loosen the knots - it didn't work.

The knots don't bother me so much, but now I have pain radiating to my left shoulder and down my arm. I'm guessing that came from pulling Connor behind me when he first started cross-country skiing. I know I had pain in my pectoral muscles from that, and I think the angle was bad for my shoulder as well.

Anyway - it's gotten to the point where it wakes me at night. I have to take ibuprofen or something to manage the pain, so I decided to give acupuncture a try.

After the first visit I was good until about 4 days later. Today she did a few things different, and we'll see how long it takes to come back again this time. She used a cigar thing this last time to heat the needles until I told her it was too hot. Interesting.

My shoulder is good right now... The knots are still there. It's hard to say if they're any smaller though.

I also have some chinese herbs to use to help things along..

I'll post again next week on how it's going.


flyingvan said...

There's an american herb that helps the human body heals its muscles, bones and cartilage. It's known as meat.

Tina said...

I actually eat fish about once a week or so. That's meat.

I think I'm just too old to tug my son behind me when he's on skis.

Anonymous said...

Connie said...
When you come up for a visit, I'll take you to a yoga class and book a session with the instructor who also does healing massage. He might be able to help and give you the tools to maintain.

keeka said...

I had a couple of really bad knots, in my shoulder and I have a friend through church that is a massage therapist. She only charges friends and family $30 for a full hour. I went to her once, and then after a month to work out the knots and I would love to go back again, because she is the best I have been to. She starts out at a medium pressure but once your muscles are softened she works out at a much harder pressure. I know my back is much better than it was because of her. I will pray that this works for you!

Tina said...

Thx sisters!

Connie - that sounds great! I hope that works out :)

Carolyn - I wish I knew someone good.

I think I just need a jacuzzi :P and some wine... and chocolate...