Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Garden Update for May

My baby rhody in bloom.
The calla lilies apparently don't die no matter what.
Double peony doubling over from rain.

New growth on the transplanted little Douglas Fir.
Hydrangeas in their cage.
Snowball bush in full bloom.

The very messy rosebush after a strong wind with rain.


flyingvan said...

Great pics! So much different than AM's garden. I think the trade off for the mowing hassle is the willingness of things to thrive

keeka said...

Very nice, someday I will post my garden of dirt. It has weeks and dead wood, and some lovely milkweed. There is also some clover and a few irises that haven't bloomed and a rose bush that looks like it hasn't been pruned since the dawn of time. and my black thumb.

Tina said...

Yeah - it's really not me. You know you're in a place where things grow easily when you find them growing wild with no one taking care of them.

My houseplants are all on the edge of life/death. Poor things.