Saturday, May 22, 2010

Super close now...

In TOPS, every year there's a state convention.  All the winners of the different divisions are honored, and a King & Queen are crowned to represent the state.

This happens in every state in the union, as well as the provinces in Canada, and various other countries where TOPS chapters exist.  The Kings and Queens are all invited to the International convention, and from those folks, the International King & Queen are chosen.

Division winners are recognized for their weight lost in the year prior to the convention (so, for this one, the weight lost in 2009, only).  A person is placed in a division every year according to their first weigh-in of the year.  Divisions are separated by 50 lbs, with separate divisions for children, teens and people who have had surgery to lose weight.

Kings and Queens are the people who have gotten to their goal in the prior year - but it can take however long it takes.  Our current Queen for Oregon took 16 years to get there.  People who have had surgery are not eligible for Royalty.

Any state division winner or royalty will be recognized at the annual state convention for as long as they 1) keep the weight off and 2) attend the convention.

As you can see, Lee was a state division winner (2nd place is a winner, too), and henceforth, he will be able to inspire those TOPS members at any convention he attends.

He is currently 4 lbs from his goal weight...  GO LEE!!!

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keeka said...

Yay! Congrats Lee! I bet you both look better than I do at present. I have decided that I like being an "easy" size 8 rather than a "squeeze into" size 8! Right now, most of my clothes are a wee bit tight. I am trying to fix that though and so far I haven't slipped too much ; P