Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oregon State Recognition Days in Seaside

At the site where Lewis & Clark reached the Pacific Ocean (according to the plaque). Seaside is a couple of hours to the west of Portland. These are my roomies as well as a couple of other ladies from our club.
Seaside is a great convention town.
On the balcony of my room just before the KOPS alumni go to inspire all the TOPS. I knitted the purple wrap during the convention because it gets too cold for me with the air conditioning!

With our area captain, Arlene.
Grilled salmon! Yay!
Lots of people were out crabbing this weekend :)
On our way home - we were so high up above Tillamook Bay, it felt like being in a plane!
This is me with last year's Oregon State King, Ryan. He has Down's Syndrome and just spent the last year visiting chapters all over Oregon, as well as going to the International conference in Florida last summer to represent our state with all the other states & Canadian provences. Pretty cool!!

It was a beautiful day for a Sunday drive down the coast!

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keeka said...

Congrats again! I am so proud of you! Seems like a nice trip. Hope you had fun!