Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wildflowers & Running

These are the lilacs one of my students gave me yesterday. They are out on the front porch because the scent is REALLY strong! It was a little overpowering in the classroom :)

This was the check in for registration for the 10K run, 5K walk/run & 1 mile walk.

We had breakfast while waiting for Lee to run past. :)

This is the guy who won - far & away the fastest. The 2nd place guy took another 10 minutes to show up. This guy has won the Portland Marathon, and the locals say he runs everywhere he goes. Later on, he ran past with a double jogging stroller with 2 kids.

In the community center, there was this great display of the local flora :)

I thought these were pretty cool.

Trevor surprised me a bit - he recognized all the stuff that grows in our backyard. Maybe he should consider botany?

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