Saturday, April 24, 2010

Test Driving fundraiser

While we were in Glide, their High School was doing a fundraiser. The Ford Motor Company does a deal for certain schools where they allow people to test drive their cars, fill out a survey, and then the school gets $20 for each household that participates. They can get up to $6,000 depending on how many folks come out to test drive.
We tested the Edge first. Nice car :) It's a very spacious SUV with all the bells & whistles.

Then we tried the Escape. This is a compact SUV, and reminded me of our Ranger. The seats fold way down so the whole bed is flat if you need it that way. This would be a great Dad-Mom-Connor camping car :) This one had a sun roof, which was nifty :)

Finally, we tried the new Focus. This is the only one we'd ever consider trying to get. This was a stick shift. The A/C worked great, and it had lots of neat stuff tucked in & around it for comfort. There was all kinds of room in the back. It wouldn't work work our family all together, but as a commuting/get around town/something for the kids to use car - it's great! Nice MPG too - 35 to 40 :)
That was fun :)


keeka said...

What, no Fusion? That is the next car we are considering.
Bummer, it would have been cool to get an opinion of it.

Tina said...

The Fusion was always out when we'd get back to the parking lot. I was going to try it, but we were getting hungry & Lee had earned a free Umpqua Ice Cream by completing the race :)

Lee said...

That was a nice weekend.