Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring pics

I got some bulbs through Breck's a long time ago. The tulips that were just single blooms are now 5-6 blooms to a bunch :) The wood hyacinth are nice, big bunches now too.

Some of these have bent over from heavy rains, but they are still okay. There's a purple iris about to bloom in back, and you can just see the little round purple ball of a peony bud just above the yellow tulip on the right.

This is my front door planter & I love the strawberry & creme tulips in there :)

This was just one bulb when I planted it...

Our mutant grass. It should be dry enough to mow next weekend!


keeka said...

Man, I wish we had flowers like that! Everytime a teacher has a birthday the room mom says to bring a flower from your garden to make a bouquet for the teacher. We always have to buy a flower! If I could I would take one from yours! They are beautiful! You inherited the green thumb from Mom and Dad! Mine is black. : (

Tina said...

Ha! Little do you know!

All you do is put the bulb in the ground before it freezes. They just hide about 6-8 inches deep, and then in spring, they come up! You don't have to do anything after the initial planting! The rain takes care of watering and you only have to worry about replacing bulbs that get eaten by burrowing critters (which is what I think happened to my crocuses).

So - yeah - I love daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, lilies, peonies and all the bulb & tuber flowers. They're great & super easy!

Of course, in CA you'd have to take the bulbs out of the ground & put them in the freezer for a while otherwise they don't come back - forget that!

keeka said...

Uh, yeah, I'd probably forget what they were and put em in a smoothie!

So yes, you are doing a great job even though you don't think it is a big deal.

So congrats!

Lee said...

Ugh, look at the mowing...

Need more breaks in the rain!