Sunday, April 18, 2010

Out in the yard

Yesterday was the first nice day we've had that was warm enough to work in the yard. Trevor did a great job on the mowing (we're on 1/3 acre, and it's hilly - not the best to mow!). Lee spent a good couple of hours cutting back the overgrown blackberry vines. I worked in the little bits of the yard I've actually tried to tame - my rose bush planter, clearing around the lilac bush & also some gladiolas. You need decent gloves for gardening around here - the blackberries hid in the weeds & you can grab a hunk of crabgrass & have thorns go right through the glove - ouch!

I had also asked Trevor to mow the grass really short in a trail for Connor. Now that he has his bike, he likes to try to ride around the backyard. As he likes to do the same path over & over, he'll create a nice little trail for himself pretty soon.

Connor kept himself busy digging "the cave." I'm not sure why he wants a cave, but he's using a pickaxe, a big shovel and a camp shovel to do it. He's got the wheelbarrow that he's filling as he goes, and it seems the cave is currently being dug straight down in a slope, so it's really more of a hole. That's fine. I can see where he is & what he's doing, vs. digging in the poison oak in the wilder back part of the yard :)

We'll see what he does today with it...


keeka said...

So is it just me, or does Trevor have more meat on his bones? He looks like he has been working out!
Well, I guess he has been working out-side!
Looks like you guys get a lot done together!

Tina said...

Trevor took a weight-training class last term. He rides his bike everywhere that's a bit of a distance, and of course, he's our lawn guy.

So - yeah. He has a little muscle on him now. :)