Friday, November 07, 2008

Not as old as I thought

I went thru the files and found the odometer reading last done on the van. It hasn't even hit the 120K mark, so we're going to go ahead and fix it and keep it. The new tranny comes with a three-year warranty, and once we know what we're looking at income-wise, we can see if we can trade it in for a smaller car maybe next year.

I did check around on Craigslist, but anything in our price range looks kind of scary. I feel better about fixing the one with a history we know.

Since making the decision, I feel better. Hopefully we're making the best choice.

I gotta say, though - driving the big old beast of a truck is NOT my thing. We got it really cheaply, just to be a move-stuff-around & emergency car. Until now, it's been used once or twice a month for dump runs, and when the other car was busy and one of us needed to do something further away.

The van should be done in a couple of weeks...


flyingvan said...

Ask them about adding a transmission cooler while they are at it. It won't cost much, and will greatly extend the life of an older transmission.

Re-Navy!! said...

thats great!! glad you decide to fix it! i would still like a ride when i get there lol...for old times sake