Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Pumpkins

Connor had a plan for pumpkin carving this year.
He assigned us all faces for our pumpkins. It it possible he was working on different emotions or expressions as part of his therapy at school... I don't know.
In any case, we went to the pumpkin patch and walked through the field to get 3 additional pumpkins. I already had one I'd brought from school. It was leftover from 'texture play.' Ew.
Dad was assigned "big smile."

Trevor was assigned the "mad" face.

Connor had a typical pumpkin face.
Mom had to do "love" eyes - 'like a heart.'

I wonder if cousin Daniel got to do his "proud" faced pumpkin?


daniel w. said...

I wish... stinking end of quarter.. turn stuff in at the last minute, kept me from carving anything.

Lee said...

You can still make a Jack-0-Pumpkin, Connor would like to see a picture.

keeka said...

well, Connor isn't the only one with requests. Since last year, we have started carving the Michael's fake pumpkins and I get them for like, 80% off! So this year I bought two more. I also found (on sale) a metal sculpture that looks like a skeleton body and you put a carved pumpkin on the top for the head. Kaleigh requested a "butler-faced" pumpkin and Cole wanted one with big eyes and spongebob teeth. See my blog for photos soon!

flyingvan said...

Lee looks like he's about to play 'buck-buck'. Go ahead, Lee. Get it out of your system.