Saturday, November 22, 2008

Missing a camera

Heh. It really affects my blog posting, doesn't it? I don't like grabbing pictures off the web just to spice up my blog - I like photos that I took!

So, stuff that's been going on here:

Trevor did his ice cream chemistry project and it turned out great. There were a few students who didn't want to try the ice cream, but the teacher did, and most of the students liked it. Trevor said it was definitely the most impressive project compared to the other students who just had a powerpoint or they ran out of time or offered chunks of cheese (because their project was making cheese but it didn't turn out -lol). So, hopefully he got an A on that...

Both Trevor & Diana are working out their next term classes. Diana did a 2-year plan and it looks like she's going forward with the Japanese but will not be doing any German classes. Of course, that all may change, but she really has a nice, solid foundation with the german, and I think if she even joins the German Club and speaks it here & there, it will come back. She got past the point of having to translate from English to German in her head, and was able to THINK in German. With me, I just need to be exposed to it again for a bit, and it all comes back. I would still like her to do the overseas study in Germany, and then she'd really be solid with it. Maybe a summer session? We'll talk about it...

Lee also got funding from the local community college. He was hoping to take classes if he couldn't land something. Now that he has, he will look at evening and/or online classes. Anything that makes him a better candidate for more jobs.

He likes the job he got pretty well so far. I love that he's able to walk to & from home and can come home for lunch. Our budget is just extremely tight right now. On the plus side, we're using up stuff in the cupboard that we forgot was there... lol. We should be okay as long as we're careful. I will probably have to go to virtual Christmas Cards this year for a lot of our friends vs. the card in the mail - and just send cards to people I can't reach online.

Then again, I have found Facebook works pretty well for something like that. I can post a nice family picture & people can just print that off themselves... I am enjoying the connections on Facebook too. This week I reconnected with a very good friend from my old neighborhood, who I lost touch with years ago. She just got to watch the MADE episode & saw a lot of Carolyn & me in Diana. Way cool. And I love that she thought I hadn't aged at all - hee. She looks like a model, herself :)

I did have a little hiccup with Connor this week. It rained a lot, and he typically plays on the swing at recess. I guess that was not an option, so he was told he couldn't swing (weather doesn't matter to him) and he wound up with a meltdown & I was called at my job. *sigh*
I talked to him on the phone while I'm in a classroom with one of my students, disrupting THAT classroom, and that doesn't work well. Next week we have conferences, and I'll have to see if we can figure out something better.

I'm glad I have the week off from school & can get some stuff done around the house. I have some sewing to do, and lots of cleaning. On Wednesday I can go and pick up Diana for the 4-day holiday & I'm really looking forward to being with family for Thanksgiving. We will have to miss the Tree Hunt this year since Lee is working on Saturday, but I'm hoping if we give our tag to someone, they can cut us one down too.

The boys & I are probably going to an Advent potluck this afternoon too...


Re-Navy!! said...

go TINA!! glad things are going "well." Glad you get to see family for Thanksgiving! We're sending our first set of cards here! I'll probably call for an address seeing as i DONT have a planner anymore. I understand not being able to post pics. I JUST got my computer to fix my memory card so i can upload. And BTW in the like 5 years i have known you you honestly look like you're getting YOUNGER instead of older! i looked back on the pics and yo uare in your prime!!!! and u guys run out of food? we had to DIG to find what was behind half that..

keeka said...

so who was this "friend" from the neighborhood, maybe someone who used to call a napkin a nakkin?