Saturday, November 15, 2008

Diana's doing fine

Seriously, I am so lucky that Diana is the opposite of Trevor when it comes to communication. I get information closer to a 'best friend' level than a 'mom' level. Which can be pretty funny sometimes.

She is doing well so far being on her own in college. Her grades are good, and she was very excited when she scored a 9.5/10 on an essay she was very worried about while writing. She saw the grad student assistant twice on it before she submitted it!

The work study job is going well and she's very happy to have a little extra money for the things she likes.

We chat on messenger pretty much daily - I love technology!! We also both have Facebook accounts now, and I'm able to keep up not only with Diana, the other girl scouts (except Renee - but she's blogging so we're good), and other people I know - but I have also reconnected with different people from High School. There are a couple of very good friends from Choir days, various other people I recall their names, all the way down to a guy I knew in 2nd grade. Ha. It's funny. Oh - and the MADE camera people are also on there :P Oh - and some old friends from Asheron's Call, as well.

This week, Diana was thinking about classes for next term. Her Intro to Business class has been kind of confusing to her - mostly because it's all new stuff. I explained that Intro classes are typically a broad overview of a subject, and as you take more classes, things will be repeated and discussed in more depth, so just go with the flow for now. Her passion remains Anime/Manga, but a business background gets you pretty much anywhere you want to go if you're aiming for some kind of work with people.

Her current classes amount to 18 units - plus 9 hours work-study per week. That's a heavy load. She wants to try for 16 units this next term, and ease up a little. This time around it was so high because she was part of a freshman interest group (FIG), and there were two general-ed courses plus a study group, which combined for 9 units. Plus Japanese (5) and Business 101 (4).

She wants to continue with Japanese (5), and I think I convinced her to stick with Business (4), plus a Writing class (3?)this term, and then she interviewed and was accepted to do some kind of a sewing class (3-4?). She brought in the cat hat she'd created, and I guess knew her way around a sewing machine enough to qualify. I think they make costumes? I'm not sure, but she was very excited about that one.

I expect the Japanese to become more tough as she goes - it's already pretty intense, but she has been trying to teach herself since Jr. High, so she has a lot of fundamental stuff already in place. Her business class this next time will be Economics, which she thinks she'll 'get' more. :) I told her if she needs help, Uncle Robert is just an email away (hope you don't mind, Robert).

I haven't SEEN her for a month now. I would have gone up to visit & go shopping with her last weekend, but the van thing happened. I couldn't find anyone already heading up to Eugene to bum a ride from, so we'll have to wait until the van is done next week, I guess.

She has class through the afternoon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so I'll go and pick her up at that time anyway. Then I can check out Cost Plus and see if they have any Contessas left. Those are my very favorite german-imported Lebkuchen cookies.

Diana has a ride for the trip back to Eugene with a friend from Girl Scouts.

Oh - on the social end, she has a guy friend... She's still in front of her computer doing homework or drawing a lot of the time. She's also planning a Spring Break trip to visit a friend in Washington.

And her MADE episode aired again and she had to answer fanmail. And I guess the episode is being viewed by people in her FIG which is fine, but also a little awkward. Oh well. heh.


Re-Navy!! said...

My ex patrick saw the MADE episode and FREAKED when she saw her in the end! He says you look gorgeous Diana! OH and i dont do facebook because i find no use. I hardly use myspace as it is lol. Glad she is doing well. Oh so she is planning to go up and not down here? oh roger that. Ok. i see how it rolls lol.

Tina said...

Actually, I was hoping she'd come stay at HOME.

But then I'm a boring mom...

Yeah, I dunno if it will work out anyway. It's just in the planning stages.

And we DID visit you 2x so far!! :P They were just super-short visits!

- Rob said...

As for the business classes (such as econ), I have a little bit of education and experience there. I would be happy to help if she needs a little long-distance tutoring!

Sounds like you are handling the transition years well. If nothing else, you are putting on a brave front!