Monday, September 20, 2010


I've been going to the physical therapist regularly for my shoulder, and it is getting better.

Thing is, every time he treats me, he's forcing the shoulder up higher, and out further than it wants to go.  He eases it as much as he can, but there's a definite stopping point where I grimace and say, "Yeah - that's it!"  And he'll say, "Yup, that's not going any higher."  OUCH!!

Still, I'm doing my exercises at home and at work when I can, and I am improving by 3 - 5 degrees each time, which he says is really good.

I'm scheduled through the rest of September, but then I'm going to have to take a break due to change in insurance.  As of October 1, my new insurance will take effect.  I am going with the least expensive (highest deductible) because about a month later, Lee will get a much better rate for the family than I could get at my job.  I will have already been locked in, and can't change my coverage by that time.  We'll be double-covered, but mine won't kick in unless there's a big need (which we hope won't happen!).

If I change to a different job that has less hours, my insurance will be gone anyway (my eventual plan) and we'll just have Lee's regardless.

The nice thing is the physical therapist I have is pretty cool.  I told him I wouldn't be able to come in October, and he said he was fine with having me come in weekly at no charge so he can keep monitoring my progress.  :)  Once Lee's insurance kicks in, I'll get the actual therapy again :)  Or maybe I'll be better by then?  It's supposed to heal faster now that I'm past 90%...

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keeka said...

Good to hear you can do that! My shoulder still bothers me time to time, but I have kept myself from doing the motions that set it off. Mostly it is looking down where my chin is close to my chest. There is a certian point just when I start to raise my head again that my shoulder "freezes". Needless to say, I don't need to move my head like that very often but when I do, whoa! I have been trying to do my yoga and slowly working my head around so that it isn't too sudden. It isn't keeping me from anything, so I guess I will just hope that eventually it goes away all together.