Sunday, September 05, 2010

Amanda's Wedding

The wedding was at Sunset Bay, OR (close to Coos Bay).
Amanda planned the entire event - her colors were orange & green :)
If they know you're taking a picture - they all make a weird face.  CJ, Mary & Anna rode over to the coast with us from Roseburg.
At the reception - Diana finally wearing that dress that didn't make it onto the show.
Most of Troop 371 - we are missing Renee, who was in San Diego.  I'm sure she was with us in spirit :)  


keeka said...

Ok, Tina, please tell me that isn't a matchy top from that one store in the HB mall! Units? or something like that! OLD! Get rid of it if it is that old! The color is ok, but a bit loud for you. Diana looked great! The top is also too long...just ask Connie, she'll tell you! You would do much better, if you like the top to make it a bit shorter...It was too close to the bottom of the skirt (which itself was very cute! :)

flyingvan said...

OMG I was gonna say the EXACT same thing but Keeka beat me to it!!

Tina said...

Um.. Carolyn. I just bought it the day before the wedding. It's a lightweight knit. There was a choice of the blue or the plum, & Diana said to go with the blue.

It's a TUNIC - on PURPOSE. Along with the shirt dresses, they are making a comeback.


FYI - I haven't got any Units stuff anymore - except belts I use for costumes.

keeka said...

I am sorry, I didn't mean to sound over the top. I apologize.

NotAlone said...

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Thanks and I look forward to reading your future blog post.