Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving at Donna & Jim's

Donna & Jim graciously hosted Thanksgiving this year.
I didn't get photos of everyone (?) but in attendance were: Mom & Pop Kiester; Karen with daughters Megan & Collyn + Collyn's fiance, Scott; Myrna & Doug, Crystal & Daniel (Jon is in Colorado); Kraig & Nancy, Jeff & Amber (Karrie & Shane and their sons were at Shane's family); and Donna & Jim, Brian & Anthony (Marla, Braymer & kids are in Mesa, AZ).

We played Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii that Diana had brought; we watched the games on Jim's new TV (with resolution so good you can see the individual beads of sweat on the atheletes, as well as the individual blades of grass on the turf); we ate a LOT of really good food & did a lot of visiting & laughing.
Myrna & Doug were nice enough to let our family stay with them through Saturday & the tree hunt. We got to visit with the folks on Friday for a while & we had a good time there as well :) Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Scott is the missing Fiance's name ;-)

Tina said...

I knew someone would know! Fixing now...