Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sick again!

Connor caught another version of whatever is going around - I've heard besides H1N1, there are 4 other flus or viruses going around our area :/

A few weeks ago, he just had a fever & was tired. A couple of days later, he was fine.

Last night while we were just finishing up watching a show on the DVR, we heard an odd noise coming from his room. Lee went in and found Connor was throwing up - over the side of the bunk bed (at least the room has a hard wood floor). Lee got Connor out and washed up, and I started collecting all the laundry & cleaning up the floor. Three laundry baskets later (comforters are big) and a good floor-washing later, the room didn't have that icky smell anymore.

Connor went to sleep in Diana's bed with a bucket next to him. Trevor used a sleeping bag and we put a towel over the washed down part of his mattress. I've been doing the laundry today.

I stayed home with Connor today. He didn't get up until 9:00 (very unusual for him) and when he did, he had to throw up again. Then he had the dry heaves :( In the afternoon now, it's worked down to diarrhea. He has been drinking water in small sips, and he's had some crackers. So far he hasn't had to vomit again, and I hope he's okay now.

The rule for school is you have to wait 24 hours from the last time the student vomits or has diarrhea - so we'll be home again tomorrow. That's okay - I always have plenty to do when I have a chance to be home!

At least Connor's mood is upbeat. He doesn't complain or whine about throwing up - he pretends to be Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes) and uses lines from the comics from when Calvin is sick. Then he cracks himself up. He's just resting on the couch & watching his favorite movies. The stomache part is the only symptom besides him being more quiet than usual - no fever, chills, sweats or any of that. He's not holding his head like he has a headache or anything either. Weird flu.

I'm washing my hands a lot :)


keeka said...

Ugh. So far we have been ok. No outbreaks at school so far. Some siblings have been ill (and we really can't ask what they have), and I came down with a slight head cold, of which I am not achey, tired or anything else. No fever no cough. I am just more congested than what I believe my allergies normally cause. If that is all I get this season, I will be good. I just hope that my kids stay healthy. I am kind of waiting for the normal November illnesses. Somehow they always come right before Thanksgiving, which is better than on Thanksgiving! So we will pray for Connor's health and the entire family!

Tina said...

Prayers are always appreciated. One of our kids in the class had a sister go into the hospital yesterday with swine flu. Another email going around is for a 22-year old from the area who is struggling with it in ICU - he had a condition from when he was little. If this is all we get, I will be very happy.

Rocky said...

Both girls (with Melly getting the worst of it)had that whole throwing up thing 3-4 weeks ago. diffidently no fun. Glad he's better!