Saturday, November 07, 2009

Connor's Class Crafts

Connor's class has about 6 students with varying degrees of autism, Down's Syndrome and other things that prevent these kids from doing the typical Jr. High kind of stuff. Instead, they are learning how to cook, go shopping, count money & do more craft type things.
The students put together these lovely table centerpieces.

They made all the ornaments, and helped make the dog & cat toys (they couldn't figure out how to braid, but they ripped the fabric and held on while an adult braided for them).

I asked Connor to smile here -- silly boy. He really enjoyed sewing, his teacher said. It was all straight lines, but still - sewing is a good skill!

Any time there was a sale, Connor was to take the money, and count back the change to the customer. He didn't need a lot of help, really. It would have been easier for him if it had been written down or using a calculator - visual stuff is always better for him. But still, he figured the change for a purchase of $8 paid with a $20 was $12.00 :) Good stuff!
That's his teacher in the bottom photo. There was a booth with german sugar-roasted hazelnuts, so we shared those - yummy! Like the Christkindl Markt in Germany!


keeka said...

Ah, good times, good times! I miss those days a lot sistol! I miss all of you! I wish we could see you more! I do love looking at all the blogs and stuff, it makes it easier. Connor is such a big guy now! I am going to have to take more photos of Kaleigh and Cole so you can see how they have grown!

keeka said...

Sorry, I completely forgot to comment on the actual craft day! Sounds like a huge success! It looks like they spent a lot of time on all the stuff! Wow, there was a lot of crafts! How long did it take them? 6 months? I just seems like more than we had at our Auction! Whew!

Tina said...

This is the stuff they've worked on since the beginning of the year - there was a lot of fine motor skills involved. And keep in mind they also do the shopping, and cooking every week as well! Like I said before, I am really happy he's in this class :)