Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happenings in the 'Burg

Last week, we got our first student. I'm being told that we're in the 'honeymoon' phase of his time with us, since he's really not exhibiting most of the behaviors that got him placed with us. This week we started a new girl as well. She's got a shorter fuse, but has been able to turn her attitude around when things have gotten dicey. That's due more to the teacher's skill in de-escalating behavior than anything else. There's another boy starting soon as well. The teacher is getting a little concerned about teaching 3 cirriculums in one classroom now since these guys are all different age levels. Kind of like homeschooling, only with out-of-control kids that you're not allowed to discipline as if you were their parent... lol. So we have a skills trainer in the room with us, but she's already told me she's feeling overwhelmed (?!).

So that's my work life - at least I'm not being shoved off to different places anymore and I have my own desk & space. The computers are very restricted however, so I can't even look at blogs, much less post to mine, hence the lack of postings lately.

Once I'm home, I tend to get busy with house & cooking & stuff like that.

Then poor Diana had a thing start up last week. She had a bump that developed into a cyst which was in a very uncomfortable place. She went & had it excised at the college health center on Saturday morning, but even on Vicodin, it was so painful she could barely move. There were also a couple of other bumps that had to burst too :( Then she also developed a cough, which settled into her chest immediately.

Those things together made me want her to come home. So Saturday evening Lee went to Eugene to pick her up. She was really miserable and spent the next two days in bed. The cough got worse over Sunday, so I was really happy she was home with us. She wound up staying through this afternoon and then Lee took her back for her follow-up appointment at the health center.

She missed a couple of days of school and work, but she hopes to be well enough to go to school at least tomorrow. Then hopefully by Thursday she can add in work as well. She took our humidifier with her, because although the cough is almost gone, coughs tend to linger with her.

Connor was supposed to have his IEP 3-year evaluation last week, but his teacher got the flu so we moved it to after Thanksgiving. We'll be heading to Donna's for the family dinner, and spend the weekend with the Wulff's, ending with the tree hunt in the mountains on Saturday. I'm making stuffing dumplings, mushroom gravy & cheesecake for Thanksgiving, Apfelpfannkuchen while we're at Myrna's, and we'll have chili & veggie dogs on the tree hunt. We will be home again Saturday night so we have Sunday to get Diana back to school, and get ready for Advent & everything.

I need to finish Renee's baby shower present & get going on Stollens. Carolyn, you want the almond one again, right? I might make a Mohn stollen too - I got a can of it in Kelowna!! :D

Trevor seems to be doing well in his classes. He's doing Physics, Weight training, Creative Writing & AutoCAD this term. He's enjoying all but the Physics, but he's doing fine with that too.

Lee is just finishing up his Mon/Tues days off, and he will have Fri/Sat off for December & January (which is nice for Christmas & New Years, of course).

So, that's what's going on with us!


keeka said...

Ummm, can I have both? No, I'm kidding...unlesss.....no really the almond, Mohn, both I mean Almond one! Yeah, that's it! Hehe!

Tina said...

I'll check into flat-rate boxes - I could make the stollen to fit & then it costs the same no matter how heavy the box is (college kids know all about these).


keeka said...

mmmm stollen in a box...lol : )

Tina said...

Lee said I should BAKE it that way... I don't think the box would hold up for shipping then.

Anonymous said...

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Re-Navy!! said...

aaahhh a gift for us? REALLY?! YAY! Oh gosh i cant wait to come home and see everyone!