Monday, July 17, 2006

Which one looks better?

Click on the photos for a close up view.

I took a couple of pics of this nice sunflower I didn't plant that's growing along the fence. My neighbor had planted sunflowers last year in hopes of hiding the chain link fence, I think.

Anyway, it reseeded, so now I have a nice big sunflower.

The first shot is just afternoon sun, the second is using the "backlight" feature. So which one do you like better?


- Rob said...

I'm not qualified to comment on any artistic merits, but the second photograph shows more detail so I vote for that one.

Joe Williams said...

Looks like the backlight feature is just a flash, right?

Both pictures are fine, but one in-between might be better. Take a step or two back and zoom in a bit, and still use the flash.

Tina said...

I would try, but this one already has a droopy head. I'll see if I can do that with the next one that blooms :)