Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy B-day Celeste

I miss hanging out with Celeste. We always had a lot in common - even now, with our girl scouting stuff. I'm sorry we're so far apart & can't get together.

Really Good Friend moments:

I'd just had Diana, and couldn't get around very easily to go shopping for anything to wear to Lori's wedding. Celeste went to the mall and picked out about 10 different outfits for me to try on at home in my room. She bought them all, and then went back later & returned all the ones I didn't choose. Then I was able to pay her back for the ones I liked - and she gave me one other one as well. And she even had hats!!

Again, right after either Trevor or Diana, I'm stuck in bed and the Robert & Celeste come to visit. No one had cleaned the bathroom since I went into the hospital, so Celeste comes out of the bathroom and just asks, "Where do you keep the ajax & paper towels?" That's a good friend.

There are a lot of other moments, but those two were just really appreciated when I needed a good friend!

Thanks Celeste!


keeka said...

Hey here's one better. Mom and Dad move out from under me and when I decide to return, Celeste (and of course Robert too) offers me a room in her home, and let's me start paying rent when I find a job! Wow, what a great friend! I do miss you too Celeste!

- Rob said...

Celeste isn't a Blog reader, so I forwarded both of your nice comments to her through email.

Tina said...

Thanks Robert :)