Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I couldn't find the Nutrition facts easily online for Fat Free Hazelnut, but oh well.

I don't smoke, do drugs, or even really drink much. If I have a bottle of wine I open it's gonna take longer than you're supposed to have a bottle open for me to drink it.

On the plus side, the box of wine I got for a Christmas punch lasted well over 3 months (that's probably not good either).

I exercise regularly and work to keep my weight down.

In any case, this is my vice. Fat Free Hazelnut Coffee Mate in my morning joe.

I've debated about getting half-and-half and hazelnut syrup, but #1 I don't want the additional calories, and #2 somehow the half-and-half would either get used up for other stuff (like hot chocolate) or it would go bad because I wouldn't use it up fast enough.

So I'm sticking with my one vice, at least for now.


timmer said...

didn't they make a huge fireball with this stuff on mythbusters?

Tina said...

Lee said that was the powdered version.

Mine is liquid.

But now I have heartburn...


keeka said...

Ok, this is the only vice? Yeesh, what about if there was a bakery that sold Patricier? Heehee. My vice is as usual chocolate, but I find I can't eat it at night and that is usually my chocolate craving time. So now I eat something a little sweet but nothing that will keep me up at night. During the day chocolate is Milky Way Darks. MMmmmmmm. But just the snack size. Maybe two of those. : )

Tina said...

Okay - chocolate has at least a couple of health benefits, and plus I only eat it in small amounts. I can actually go without chocolate for a decent length of time.

One box of Pot O' Gold will last me a month.

I can NOT go without my morning coffee before work. I look forward to that cup before I go to bed at night! That's a vice.

keeka said...

hmmmm, yeah, I see what you mean.
I am a spur of the moment type of gal. Alone in the line at the grocery store, snatch up a kitkat or milky way dark, just 'cause it is there and I don't have to explain why I get a treat and the kids don't! Heheh

- Rob said...

Regarding "don't have to explain" - that is until the kids start reading Tante Tina's blog!