Saturday, October 04, 2008

College/School Update

Trevor is attending the local community college. He rides his bike to the bus stop, and then rides the bus to school. It used to be free for college students, but now it's $45 a term. Still a lot less expensive than using a car since A) He doesn't have a car, and B) He doesn't have a license or insurance.

I've encouraged him to find someone who drives a car in his first period class, however, because then on really nasty weather days he might be able to call them for a ride if he helps with gas :)

For his Chemistry class, he'll be taking a page from Byron's book to make Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream as a project. He had one partner, but another student joined in because that sounds like a good project :)

Diana is settling in to University life. She applied, interviewed and got a job at the Honors College on campus, which is the job she'd hoped to get. It paid better than the other ones she applied to, and hopefully once her work study portion is paid off, it will give her a little more money to play with.

She managed to pay rent after getting her disbursement checks - altho she had a little bump with it being a new account and the bank wanting to hold the funds for extra time. She got it all figured out.

Both kids are looking to outfit their bikes a bit better. They need decent lights because it's already dark in the mornings, and they both need fenders so the spray from the road/sidewalk doesn't end up on their backs.

Connor is supposed to get a one-on-one aide this week, I think. That will help him a lot with consistency at school. I think part of his trouble last year was too many different people reacting in different ways, so he wasn't sure how to react or respond. That's a bad thing for kids with autism. An aide should help settle him down so he can be more successful at school.

Go Kids!


Crystal said...

I'm in the same boat with needing lights for my bike. I have to say I really love city riding. It's quite a rush! Glad to hear everyone is doing well!

keeka said...

Sounds pretty good! I figured Diana would get along ok. What does her job entail?

Just curious!

Re-Navy!! said...

i talked to diana today!! gald to know trevor is doing well and that connor is getting the things he needs...its hard to ride a bike here....i live on an island for goodness sake