Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trevor & the Sourdough

Trevor has always liked sourdough bread. Thing is, if we get any, he wants to eat the whole loaf. We don't want to enable this kind of addiction, so we told him he could figure out how to get his own bread.

He went through my cookbooks and found a recipe for a sourdough starter. It has to sit 10 days or something, and then you use it to make your 3 loaves, leaving the last 1/4 to be starter for the next batch in 10 days.

Here's where I'm missing my camera, but I'll plow ahead anyway...

The first loaves were rather heavy. They didn't rise properly, and they were smallish. And heavy. Kind of like eating the dough, only heavy. Did I mention they were heavy?

The second set were better, but still on the small side. They had more air to them, but they kind of spread out while they were rising, and so it was more like sourdough biscotti.

The third time, he put them in a loafpan and a pie pan. These rose pretty well, and baked up better. The pie pan bread was getting close to normal, and it was pretty tasty. The one in the loafpan needed a little more time, but still decent. Also, these were both VERY sour. Trevor was good with that - but I'm not sure they are supposed to be that sour now.

He's trying again this weekend. Different loafpan this time, and another pie pan bread. I look forward to seeing how these turn out.

And yes - Trevor eats most of the bread, and it only takes about two days for them to be eaten.

Good with soup :)


Lee said...

His goal is making a loaf that allows him to have toast.

I personally think it is very cool.

flyingvan said...

"...What you're saying, is, you want...Bigger bread"

Tina said...

I just think it needs to be a little more airy - not so much like a bagel, more like french bread.

I admire his perserverence in his quest for the perfect sourdough :)

keeka said...

keep going Trevor! You can do it!
Yaaaaaaay, Trevor! Yes, I will be your own personal cheerleader as long as I get some bread when we come visit! Hehe

timmer said...

the other day at the library waiting for the boys to find their books... i realized i was scanning titles for one called, wait for it, trevor and the sourdough.