Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super commercials bowl

I don't do football. I'm a hockey fan (Canadian and all, eh?). So I just wanted to see the commercials. Living in the Northwest as we do, most folks were rooting for the Seahawks here. We had a kid that went to a local high school playing for the Steelers, so I was hoping they'd win (and they did!).

Anyhoo - my favorite commercials were the Burger King Whopperettes and the Fedex Cavemen. The rest of the time I was knitting socks (more on that later).

Compared to hockey, football is a pretty slow game. I think that people that can ever get to live hockey game are pretty interested in it after that - it's the getting to the live game first part that you need to do. It's a real spectator sport, and the athletes can actually hear you, since the arenas are obviously much smaller than the football arenas.

Hockey was also good to teach your kids lessons. When you hit someone with a stick, you get a time out in the penalty box. That's way better for them to comprehend than moving back 15 yards. Heh. Ah well.

I think I recognized about 10 of the prior MVP's that strutted out at the beginning before the game started. That's not too bad for never really watching football. I also knew who Vince Lombardi was. I know a lot more about hockey though. And for some reason I still can't comprehend, I just happen to know baseball teams. Why? I have no clue - but if someone says, "Who plays in San Francisco?" I know immediately it's the Giants (altho previously I wrote 49ers). Oakland A's (athletics), Boston Red Sox, whatever. Seriously - maybe I was baseball fan in a former life. I've been able to do that for as long as I can remember. Weird, huh? Since I've been more aware of the hockey scene, I think first of the hockey team now. If they don't have a hockey team, it will definitely be a baseball team. I have been to one actual pro game - I saw Ron Cey get beaned in the head. I took that as an omen to stay away from baseball games :P

But everything is on hold for the Olympics. I've cleared out the Tivo, and Opening Ceremony is Friday night - w00t!

I generally cheer for 3 countries that I have ties to: the USA since I live here, Canada since I was born there, and Germany because that's my heritage. I love watching the alpine ski, bobsledding and speed skating. My husband likes the curling - he just thinks it's a cool sport. Sadly, our last trip to Canada, he wasn't able to try it out since they were holding tournaments while we were there. We all played 5-pin instead.

I think the battery on my bike thingamabob is going out. It just shut itself off while I was biking - grrr.

So happy Superbowl Sunday and enjoy your week!


timmer said...

sf giants dear. the niners is the football team. why does your exercise bike have a battery that isn't automatically recharged by your pedalling?

Tina said...

Hee. That's what I get for posting when I'm tired...

I would have no clue how to retrofit my bike to capitalize on the energy created by the cycling... That would be pretty cool - it's not a big thing like the monitor or computer.

Any suggestions on where to go to figure out something like that?