Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Online Game

The above characters are Suella, Mietze, Aladria & another version of Suella from a different server. You can get pretty creative with character creation on this game.

These various gals are different levels & do different things. The first Suella uses fire as her power, Mietze has those Wolverine claws, Aladria uses radiation & the last Suella is a weather & earth controller. You earn the capes in the upper levels, as well as different costumes. I'm showing all the original costumes for these characters. They range in size from very small to huge as well, tho mine are usually medium height & build.

Most of my characters are made to be teamed with my husband's characters, except Mietze, who is pretty good solo. She's currently my highest level gal, because she gets the most time online. She's also the current leader of her supergroup, because she's been in it the longest & the other folks quit (I'm not doing anything with that tho). Fire Suella is in a different supergroup and people team up to take out the big bad guys - sometimes you have to be in a team to take out the bosses.

There are different storylines with different kinds of baddies. They range from mafia-types to undead & ghosts. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm generally riding my exercise bike while I play. And I do ride faster if my character is about to die. It's pretty cool to be focussed so much on the gameplay, and totally forget I'm exercising. I'll finish my missions and check the bike monitor & find I've gone 20 miles & burned 400 calories. I keep a liter of water handy, and normally get thru at least that on a session.

I find this kind of workout is the best for me. I like walking outdoors, but I need a buddy to do that. I don't mind the gym, but paying for membership bugs me. This game had an initial cost of $50ish and costs about $12.00/month. The bike was $350ish back in 1989. I think I'm getting my money's worth. The YMCA here is $60/month for a family membership - and no one was going. Of course, I need the computer too, but I already had that anyway.

Another thing I like about CoH is the fact that no one can use bad language very easily (you can get around it with spaces & stuff - but if someone wants to type the "F" word during chat, that makes it a lot harder). If you slip and type "poop" or something similar, your characters speech bubble says "$%^&!" or something like that. It's the same no matter what you curse - but I think it looks worse if I only said "Poop" and other people might think I said the "F" word! Heh. At least I don't have to worry about my kids reading bad language when they play.

If you ever decide to visit Paragon City, give me a holler & I'll give you a tour.


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