Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I took a little run

So Lee has been running a while.  Connor is signed up for Special Olympics Track & Field, and both Lee & I went with him last night to practice.  I have heard Lee go on about the barefoot running style, and I also read "Born to Run" but I'm really not that into running.

However, I felt I need to change things up a little, and it would be kind of nice to do something with Lee, so I did a little jogging - doing my best to follow the barefoot style as far as I read.  Lee said it looked like I was doing it okay.  I can only go 1/2 a lap of the track at a time to start, but that's better than I did before.  I have been walking regularly with a member of my club.  She's still on the losing part of the journey, so we go slower than I need to, but she's been increasing the pace a little over time. 

I will have to see if I can try for little runs in the mornings once summer starts.  It would be nice to take the dog out with me, because I don't think she gets enough exercise anyway.  :)

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