Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Back to the Leadership Role

So this week I will once again take over as Leader for my TOPS club.  It's fine - I appreciated the break, but there are a lot of things I do differently than the gal that assumed the role after me.  There were murmerings of folks who weren't as happy with the way she does things.  I was just happy for a little break.

In the meantime, I worked as the assistant weight recorder.  Oftentimes, I was the only weight recorder, as the other gal had some work conflicts and her husband is wanting her to give up that volunteer position altogether now.  She has been a weight recorder for the full 10 years I've been attending TOPS, so I'm sure she deserves a break as well.

I understand from some of our members that they really like my leadership style, and they feel a good connection from me.  I do try to have a personal contact with each member every week - I do better some weeks than others.  And obviously as with any group, you get to know & be friends a little more with some folks than others. 

I really do enjoy the club.  I fully credit the support I get there with my continued success at keeping my excess weight off.  I know from age 14 to 40 I struggled and it was getting harder & harder to control my weight by the time I joined TOPS. 

Now I'm approaching 50, and I'm in better shape than I was approaching 40.  I am really thankful my club exists and I found them.  I have no issue with returning the favor and leading others to the success I've found :)

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