Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break 2011

I don't really have much of a plan - I'm hoping there's relaxation in here somewhere...

Diana arrived from school via a friend on Friday evening.   Lee came home from work & took her skating, and then she went to see "Paul" with some friends from here.  She & Trevor are both waiting to hear back on their grades from last term, but Diana was already pretty upset about her final grade for her Calculus class - looks like she's going to need to redo, unless there's a very generous curve (and that instructor is not known to curve).  The class grades will post on Friday, and then she'll know for sure.

She brought a nice big bunch of laundry with her, so the washer & dryer have been going pretty much all weekend.  I did get my shower scrubbed nicely, and hopefully I'll get a little yard work in.

Today is Monday, and I'm prepping for Spring Break Camping - Connor's request since last summer.  We don't have the van anymore, so I'll need to be creative in stuffing the trunk of the Toyota.  We'll be in a tent trailer, and the weather has been drizzly/rainy, so we will need extra tarps and blankets.  Sure, sunny weather would be preferable, but this is the time we've got, so this is when we're going.  Trevor will house-sit and hang with Liberty, since he just get stomachaches when we take him camping.  And as we'll be on Kraig & Nancy's ranch property, there's no flush toilet nearby, and that wouldn't work well for Trevor.

On Tuesday night, we're hoping to do a big family campfire with Lee's sibs.  I'm looking forward to that.  During the day we'll see if we can get some horseback riding in, and maybe explore around the property a bit.  In the early morning, I expect to see the deer & maybe other wildlife.  It's pretty open spaces on the ranch.

Once we're home again, I have house stuff to do that I've put off for a while.  I'd like to get my laundry room in order.  There's plenty of work in the yard.  I need to transfer stuff down to the basement after it's sealed up against moisture.  My house feels very cluttered to me right now - it bugs me.

If I can get my sewing machine out, I'll do some mending and maybe start on a few smaller projects I've been thinking about.  And maybe I'll get some reading time in. :)

Diana goes back to campus next Friday.  The new term starts on Monday.

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