Saturday, December 11, 2010

Still lots to do

I wish more readers of my blog could actually attend this little event...  Maybe after we retire?

I have an Open House again tomorrow.  This is our annual 'gift' to our friends & family to come & spend some time & snackies with us.  We invite pretty much everyone we know and can have 20-40 people show up.  The parking is a bit tricky, but people seem to come in waves so usually we don't block the street with cars all at once.

I have a plan I follow to get the house ready.  It's pretty thorough, and at the end, I have a clean house that lasts through Christmas.  All the decorating is done, and I can focus on my family after Open House is done.  I really like that part.

Today I still have an enormous of stuff to do - the living room is the only room that's actually "ready" right now.  But it looks really good :)  I'll be working mostly on the kitchen, my room & prepping food today.

Diana is home from college & Trevor is done with his finals too.  I have to remember to delegate stuff to them :)

I'm off to make their lists of what to do today, as well as mine!  Next blog entry should be photos from Open House :)


Rocky said...

We're planning on being there, now that we have survived the girl's 5th birthday party (were does the time go? They wer born like 5 minutes ago :))

keeka said...

You KNOW I would be there if I could! Something to go to would be nice! We did get to go to a little Christmas dinner that Cole got invited to, it was nice and relaxing and I didn't have to DO anything! I seem to be the go to person this year! Not that I get to have people over just everything else! Yikes!