Saturday, December 18, 2010

Big K Ranch & Murder Mystery Dinner

Every day on my way to work, I listen to the AM radio news station, because the FM cuts out pretty soon after leaving Roseburg (mountains & stuff).  They do a contest every week called "Know Your News."  If you email in the topic they say everyday, you're entered into a chance to win something on Friday.  Usually it's dinner for two at a local restaurant.  THIS time, however, the Big K Ranch was hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner, and I think if they offer a prize they might get a discount on the advertising.  Anyway, I emailed every day, and Friday before last, while I was home prepping for Open House, the radio station called & I'd won!

I had driven past the sign for the Big K on Hwy 138 on the way to the coast many times.  I kind of knew where it was.  I got home from work a little early since it was the day before the break, and we waited for Connor to get home so we could go to Costco for fittings for new glasses for Connor & Diana.  I have my eye appointment today & I'll get glasses too.  Lee has a voucher for each of us that allows us all to get another pair for free (well, Connor is getting TWO pairs for $4.00).

We wound up leaving for the ranch around 4:45, which meant it was dark by the time we got to where it was.  It has a long, windy packed dirt road to get out there & it was DARK.  2,000 acres of ranch land with no lights till you reach the lodge!  It was an adventure!

Once we got there, it was obvious this is a really nice well-kept family-run place.  The cabins look like log cabins from the outside, but inside they are more like studio apartments.  There was no TV, but we had entertainment at the lodge anyway :)  Normally there's a game room in the lower level of the lodge with pool tables & arcade games, but the cast of the show was using that for their staging area.

I really want to go back.  Especially in the daytime so I can see the 8 miles of riverfront property.  They do boat floats & horseback riding and all kinds of ranchy stuff here.  They also do big brunches for special holidays like Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, etc.  They do package deals with the brunches so you can combine an overnight at the same time (although for us, we are close enough we could just do the brunch).  They also do corporate retreats, weddings, and family reunions.  The cabins are $129 - $179 depending on the season.  They do package deals that include meals.  And the cook was GOOD.  We had called ahead because of the vegetarian thing, and she'd made this wonderful portabello mushroom/spinach Greek thingamabob that was outstanding.

The Murder Mystery would have been $45 each, so we got this little romantic deal worth $230ish for free because I listen to the radio.  Good stuff!!!

The Big K Ranch, Elkton, OR  They have videos & stuff on this website, if you're interested.

Lee got a "role" as the mayor, although he didn't have to do much.   They had a lovely Portabello mushroom layered dish for us for dinner.  It was great!!
The cast of "Dead in the Sled - Ho, ho, ho.... Oh No!  It reminded me of the Birdcage Theater @ Knott's.
The murderess & her latin lover.
The cabin we got had a queen bed & hide-a-bed.  And a huge bathroom.
I think it's easier to photobomb a digital camera, because I really tried to avoid letting him do this.

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