Sunday, November 14, 2010

Elephant Car Wash

Life is funny.  I was home on Friday because our school opted to use the day after Veterans Day for conferences.  Around noon or so I get a call from our neighbors who run the comic book shop downtown.  Our local drive-through style zoo is going to be featured on a German TV morning show.  They wanted to have a family do the "elephant car wash" so they can put that in the clip.  Wildlife Safari called the comic book shop, because they figured they'd know families.  Heh.  Comic book shops know kids who buy comics.  They don't know whole families that shop for comics together.  However, the folks running THIS shop are our neighbors, and they knew we'd done TV stuff before, so they called us.  I got the number of the guy in New York who was planning this out, and called him.  At first I looked at the wrong schedule & thought Lee could join us.  He actually had to work.  However, the fact that I can speak German was very exciting to the New York guy anyway.  So this morning, the boys & I drove out to Wildlife Safari for the elephant car wash :)
Dan, the manager at Wildlife Safari, with Silke, the German reporter.  
Alice the elephant flapped out her ears when spraying.
Lots of water in the trunk!!

Silke & Douglas the camera guy, interviewing the elephant handler.

Alice wipes the window with a sponge.  Connor thought this whole experience was great :)


flyingvan said...

I woulda thought pachyderm snot would be hard on the finish.
You have a neighbor that runs a comic book store??? I always thought if Diana worked in one she'd meet her dream date there.

Tina said...

Yeah - it's actually their son's shop, but mom & dad work there too & help out. They were the ones that helped Diana get her job working for the lawyer downtown during high school.

And yes, during the summer the kids would walk down there (along with the library) quite often.

They did use a little of the comic book shop in the MTV show - that's where Diana tells her friends what she wants to be MADE into.

And I'm not worried about the finish on the car. It's a 15-year old Toyota. I'm sure a little elephant snot isn't gonna hurt it much. Plus she'd already irrigated it pretty well with the car ahead of us :P