Monday, November 01, 2010

Bunch of Stuff

I have the day off today.  Connor had Friday off because our town did the inservice day then.  I'm working in a different town, and they chose to have their inservice day AFTER Halloween - which I actually thought was pretty smart :)

Anyway - I'm home today since I had no inservice to attend (yay), and trying to get stuff done that typically escapes me during the week.  My list grew to 18 items.  So far, I've gotten eight done.  I'm currently heating the iron to do Lee's shirts.

Granted, some of these things are fun (like dropping off a travel bug for geocaching), but others are pretty menial, like finishing the laundry.  Others just need time, like sorting out Connor's clothes he's outgrown.  Still others will be moved to tomorrow's list when they don't get accomplished today.

I have been productive - I got a document notarized, talked with Financial Aid about Trevor's account (they are very slow & he still hasn't gotten his award letter), and I did my physical therapy exercises twice of three times so far today.  I only have one laundry load left (but then I need to sort & fold - I may delegate that to Trevor after he reads his assignments).

I still have my Girl Scout Leader meeting tonight, and some sewing I'd like to get done, although I did get some things sewn yesterday afternoon, too.  It's a good day for this sort of thing; overcast & windy.  I'm not missing out on great weather by doing chores & running errands.

Iron's hot now, so off I go.

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