Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The first Choir concert

Last night Connor had his first choir concert.  Last year he took art class, and brought home some interesting clay pieces - this year the schedule worked to have him try choir.

When I asked the choir teacher at conference time how he thought Connor would do on stage, he didn't have any idea.  Sometimes Connor sings extra loud, and he's managed to teach himself to read music, so while his class sang the melody, he'd sing the harmony (all by himself!).  So, not always following directions.

Last night, however, he was just so excited to be there and on stage.  Lee & I sat up close in front so if there was any issue, we could snag him quick and get him offstage so he wouldn't affect the rest of the performers too much.

No worries - he stood straight & tall, sang the correct part, and kept his voice level appropriate for the stage :)

Great stuff & a great first effort for him.  He let us know later that night that he wants to sing in the choir in High School -  We really enjoyed watching him up there.  The video below is a clip from "Shenandoah" and the one above is Mack the Knife (which I'm uploading right now).


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