Friday, July 23, 2010

Kinda Weird

For the longest time, at least since the advent of instant messenger & email, Lee has had ready access to a computer at home & at work.  We would email each other during our breaks with questions, suggestions for dinner or just a little "how's it going today?" kind of thing.  It would take me longer to correspond this way, since I work with kids rather than in front of a computer most of the day.  The actual time for the message was less than a phone call, though.

Lee started working full days yesterday.  There is no computer access as he's working on putting together a store for the grand opening on August 11th.  Even once he's doing his regular job, he won't have any computers other than the ones he's trying to sell.

It's very odd to me to not have any access to my husband during the day now.  I know this is pretty normal for most other people, but it's not how it's been for us.  Yes, he can call, but if I'm out doing stuff or in the yard, I'll miss it & just have to hear the message.  And once I'm back at work, that's not an option during the day at all.

Don't get me wrong - I'm totally thrilled he has a full-time job at a fantastic company, and all kinds of opportunities for advancement.  I just kind of miss the electronic contact.

I'm thinking our weekly date after our TOPS meeting will be more date-like now - it's a good trade :)


Anonymous said...

What about cell phones? You could always text.

Tina said...

That would mean we'd have to actually buy phones... It could work. :)

keeka said...

I just started texting last year. My friend Charlie doesn't really answer her phone so she relies mostly on text messaging. I tryed it and it takes me awhile so I don't use it unless the person I am trying to contact is somewhere where I know they can't pick up the phone. Plus, my phone is a prepaid and it uses up a LOT of minutes!

Tina said...

I think mine is .05 a text. I'm not sure. Diana just got a great plan for her phone thru Virgin for $25 a month - unlimited texting & internet and 300 minutes for the actual phone/month. She was happy :)

keeka said...

yeah, every time i text is says, 30 minutes deducted. Ack!
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