Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here's the deal...

Trevor & Diana live at our house for free.  They are both old enough to move out & live on their own.
To stay at our house rent-free, there is some work required.  They have house cleaning & dishes chores daily.
When they aren't in school, they are also required to do yard work.  They are not big fans of yard work.  The deal is if they get jobs, they can hire other people to do their yard work.
The dog just watches :)  But she has pretty paws because she just got groomed :)

1 comment:

keeka said...

manny/peddy? We love Liberty! I think she misses us! Or maybe it's just the meat?
Kaleigh and Cole definitely miss Liberty too! We all miss all of you and even the tent trailer! Kaleigh had a hard time falling asleep the first couple of nights home!