Monday, April 25, 2011

My Birthday 2011

I had originally intended to take the day off.  I was supposed to have a couple of days off in April, but the student I was working with didn't have those days off, and I had worked with the arrangement that I'd swap Mondays for Fridays.  Well, that would have been fine had I stayed where I was, but then I moved again, and I lost my 2nd day.  I don't know how it works out with my new schedule, but I figure it'll all come out in the wash. 

So the plan had been for me to go up to U of O to meet with Diana and get to see On The Rocks perform.  That's the acapella men's group that was on the show, "The Sing Off" this last year.  They had a viral video with "Bad Romance" and they are just a lot of fun to watch :)

But - it was Earth Day, so they ended their show while I was still on the road with my friend Susan.  Dang.  Well, at least Diana recorded them doing a few songs, and they didn't perform the Bad Romance song anyway (which is what I really wanted to see).

Diana being my great daughter, actually followed and then got my favorite member of the group (Jonah) to wish me a happy birthday on video :)  That was really cool.

Since we weren't going to be at a concert, we traded having Taco Bell dinner for going to Red Robin (Yum!).  Then we stopped by See's Candies, and then we headed to the Yogurt Extreme shop.  Turns out if it's your birthday, your whole yogurt creation is free!  I was thinking maybe a dollar off or something.

We grabbed Diana's laundry & stuff, and went home.  Lee had baked me a carrot cake *yay* and over all, it was a pretty nice birthday :)

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